Colleen Duffy

Commercial Demo

Adidas "ONE"
Michelob "SMOOTH"
Gateway Desktop "DIVA"
Bogata Casino
Infiniti "BORN TO RUN"

Colleen Duffy's voice has been heard on commercials promoting everything from Life Cereal and Adidas, to Japanese soft drinks. She has been singing jingles for national campaigns since 2002, working very closely with Elias Arts in Santa Monica, California. She has won international acclaim for her live vocal performances over the past 15 years both in the U.S. and Europe, and has fulfilled recording contracts with both Epic Records and Geffen Records. She graduated from Case Western Reserve University, with a Bachelor's Degree in Communication Sciences with focus on Anatomy and Physiology of the Vocal Mechanism, accompanied by minors in Art Studio and Theater. Colleen has been a vocal student of world-famous, vocal instructor and rehabilitator, Ron Anderson since 1998. Her theatrical studies have included voice for the stage, the history of play performance, improvisation, film analysis, scene study and stand up comedy. She has studied voice over in both private and workshop formats, working closely with Compost Productions in North Hollywood, California. Colleen is a registered SAG member.